List of Works

Expanding Landscapes, Shrinking Inhabitants – violin, C flute/alto flute, double bass, percussion

It’s All Elemental (working title, in progress) – percussion duo

Destination Unknown – film score

Rockstar Etude – bass guitar

Aina-kizz and the Black-Bearded Bai – trumpet, French horn, tuba

Amen, Flute – flute quartet

Echoes – solo flute

Windows – film score

Ummm…– solo cello

Crusty Integration – flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, percussion, dancers

Would You Still Love Me If I Were a Minimalist? – violin, clarinet, cello

For Simplicity’s Sake – solo piano

An Attempt at Conversation – flute, cello

Monologue for Flute – solo flute

Mass (in progress) – soprano, alto, baritone

Pray for Them – film score

Faux Bohemian Tango – flute, bassoon

Sorta Sonata – string trio

Shadow Puppets – piano, shadow puppets

Pirates and Little Dogs – flute duet

Do You Have Any Idea Where We’re Going? – flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Basking in the Afterglow – woodwind quintet, string quartet, marimba

A Serious Case of the Golf Ball Cheeks – woodwind quintet